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Beaver Valley: Something to offer in Every season

The Beaver Valley in southern Ontario, Canada, offers a diverse range of recreational activities and features. In the winter, it is well-known for skiing and snowboarding, with the private Beaver Valley Ski Club located just south of the town of Kimberley. Additionally, there used to be a ski area called Old Smokey in the valley, although it closed down in the early 1980s.

During the summer months, the valley transforms into a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking are popular activities in the area. The Bruce Trail, a famous hiking trail, runs along the perimeter of the valley, offering breathtaking views and access to various natural landmarks. Some notable landmarks along the trail include Old Baldy, a prominent rock formation, the Duncan Crevice Caves, and Eugenia Falls.

Aside from its recreational offerings, the Beaver Valley is recognized for its agricultural productivity. The valley is a significant contributor to Canada’s apple crop, showcasing its importance as an agricultural area. Moreover, the valley is home to one of Ontario’s best-preserved hardwood swamp ecosystems, adding to its ecological value.